This is as much a way for me to keep a list of helpful articles on writing haiku as a resource for anyone else.  These are pieces that have given me a great deal of insight into what a haiku is and isn’t, and how to write a good one.  Resources aimed at relative beginners are marked with an asterisk.

In addition to these articles, I would greatly recommend joining the Facebook groups Buds of Haiku, My Haiku Pond Academy and Sharing Haiku Knowledge.

575haiku: Traditional Haiku as three lines and a 5-7-5 English syllables pattern by Alan Summers

all those red apples / travelling the monorail – haiku travelling in one line – one line haiku aka monostich aka monoku by Alan Summers

*An Introduction to Advanced Haiku (Scribophile) by Ashley Capes

A Study of Japanese Aesthetics in Six Parts by Robert D Wilson

*The Bare Bones School of Haiku by Jane Reichhold

Beyond the Haiku Moment by Haruo Shirane

The Definite and Indefinite Article by Alan Summers

*The Difference Between Haiku and Senryu by Michael Dylan Welch

Disjunctive Dragonfly by Richard Gilbert

*First Thoughts – A Haiku Primer by Jim Kacian

*Fragment and Phrase Theory by Jane Reichhold

The G-force of Blue: touching base with Gendai haiku by Alan Summers

*Getting Used to Haiku and Senryu by Charlotte Digregorio

*Haiku: The Art of Implication over Explication by Alan Summers

Haiku Speculations by Robert Spiess

*Haiku Techniques by Jane Reichhold

*The Heart of a Haiku by Kala Ramesh

How to Haiku (a collection of articles by Jane Reichhold)

More than one fold in the paper: Kire, kigo and the vertical axis of meaning in haiku by Alan Summers

Negative space in haiku by Alan Summers

The Reader as Second Verse by Alan Summers

The Shape of Things to Come by Jim Kacian

Some Thoughts on Contemporary Haiku Practice by Martin Berner

Travelling the single line of haiku: one line haiku / monoku / monostich by Alan Summers

Zen and the Art of Haiku by Ken Jones

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