winter night

winter night
we each take turns
to be the moon

(Blithe Spirit 28(1))
winter moon wood block


Blithe Spirit 27(4)

I am happy to have had four poems published in the latest volume of Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society:

fallen branch
I stumble
into autumn

mountain stream
the hillside tumbles
with gorse blossom

nuclear test
the old gods
begin to wake

sky burial
the wind picks apart
an old sofa



The British Haiku Society members’ anthology for 2017 is on the subject of ekphrasis.  Ekphrastic poems take as their subject another work of art, be it literature, other poetry, sculpture, film or visual art.  Thank you to Iliyana Stoyanova for editing this year’s volume.

For my haiku, I chose Virginia Woolf’s book Orlando, and a particular scene between Orlando and the Russian princess Sasha.

frost fair
her heart
melts the river

Orlando2(still from the film version of Orlando (1992) directed by Sally Potter)