Selected Published Work

Blithe Spirit 31(1), February 2021:

winter moon
the dip of headlights
catches a fox

morning mist
my children whisper
so not to wake me

night rain
in a whisky glass
the windswept moor

Blithe Spirit 30(4), November 2020:

autumn bird calls
in a keepsake box
a lock of black hair

first quarter moon
evening shadows
release a crow

this rushing wind
with nowhere to go
I pour another
bowl of tea
and listen to the rain

another month
of isolation
recurring dreams
of flowers
and bone

hedgerow #132:

late summer
I play Coltrane
on repeat

too soon for another prophet morning blackbird

Blithe Spirit 30(2), May 2020:

one footstep
after another
temple bell
in and out
of owlsong
first quarter moon
dusting her brush
with just enough yellow
evening primrose

hedgerow #130:

first snow
the silence

Asahi Haikuist Network 6 March 2020:

tracing the stitches
on my doctor’s lab coat
cardiac echo

Blithe Spirit 30(1), February 2020:

a great tit sings
in sharper tones

hands still warm
from my tea bowl
winter sun

Asahi Haikuist Network 31 January 2020:

still gnawing
on old bones
year of the rat

hedgerow #129:

end of summer
my mother arrives
with flowers

flood tide
somewhere in my bones
a flick of tail fin

cattails, October 2019:

the morning sky
folding and unfolding —

Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2019:

white hair
in my beard
autumn clover

Otata #46:

late summer
wingbeat by wingbeat
golden-ringed dragonfly

end of summer
the pale sky
etches a crow

each jumper in turn
early autumn

hedgerow #128:

weathering the bones of silence stone chapel bell

The Mainichi, July 16, 2019:

the sky stretches
just a little
seagull cry

Bones Journal #17:

the code that makes a sparrow  miniature screwdriver

dead-eye flooding the overhang with pike water

speaking hillside cut on cut the flint margin

expanding the possible elephant hawkmoth

Otata #43:

how much time
…………………………speaking in tongues
do we have left?
…………………………all of the gods
dandelion clock
…………………………I never believed in

Stardust #30:

gull cry
the weight
of blue

hedgerow #127:

first news
of a friend’s death
blackthorn blossom

Otata, June 2019:

mint tea
rain falls
into rain

ink brush
night wraps paper
wraps stone

spring beach
the turning tide
shallows a crab

waking up
on the other side of green
spring oak

cattails, April 2019:

first frost
the grey in her hair
barely noticeable

Otata, April 2019:

begging bowl
a crack in the pavement
grows dandelions

picking the bones
out of owl calls
first quarter moon

Failed Haiku, February 2019:

broken English
we share the best places
to buy baklava

Otata, January 2019:

sleepless night
the wind in the trees
fills with gods

on tarmac
a single magpie

creation myth
I rewrite
another poem

old branches
hold up the sky
January moon

spilling sunlight
into the river
yellow flag iris

Ephemerae 1C, November 2018:

shedding poems into the darkness  September moon

Blithe Spirit 28(4), December 2018:

new school year
the drag of oak branches
against the river

uncertain times
I turn the tv on
and off

Stardust Haiku, November 2018:

winter rain
my thoughts
become a river

hedgerow #125, autumn 2018:

my eyes adjust
to the light of autumn
moon tree crow

Stardust Haiku, October 2018:

starry night
the weight
of old bones

Stardust Haiku , September 2018:

finger painting
I fall into the sound
of rain

Blithe Spirit 28(3):

coastal mudflat
the ebb and flow
of sandpipers

silent sitting
my body becomes
the east wind

Otata 32, August 2018:

meeting God
lady’s slipper orchid

from one world to the next
green woodpecker

summer heat
a police siren bleeds
into poppy fields

Presence 61, July 2018:

her green dress
ruffles at the edges
spring breeze

Stardust Haiku, July 2018:

still air
rose petals unfold
a butterfly

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2018:

Bronze age arrowhead
the forest grows
another antler

Asahi Hakuist Network, 29 June 2018:

rain puddle
a small bird startles
my reflection

Stardust Haiku #18:

river’s edge
spring winds
whisper a heron

Blithe Spirit 28(2):

cathedral gate
I step into the silence
of snow

outdoor theatre
his best lines stolen
by the moon

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 1.2:

the weight of footsteps
on the forest path

The Mainichi, 23 May 2018:

ink flows
onto the empty page
spring moon

Otata 29, May 2018:

winter wind
all over the lawn
a single leaf

February moon
the unmistakeable
scent of fox

Ephemerae 1A, April 2018:

Palm Sunday
the slow procession
of daffodils

Stardust Haiku 16, April 2018:

spring breeze
the tree spirits
begin to wake

The Mamba, March 2018:

elephant skull
the looming shadow
of Kilimanjaro

Scryptic 1.4, March 2018:

daisy chain
two bodies coil around
an empty wine bottle

Asahi Hakuist Network 16 March 2018:

below freezing
city streets

Blithe Spirit 28(1):

autumn leaves
we let go of our hands
at the same time

first snow
my fingers brush
A favourite poem

winter night
we each take turns
to be the moon

Stardust Haiku, February 2018:

weaving my life
into yours
willow branches

Asahi Hakuist Network, February 2 2018:

road trip
all of our memories
covered with snow

Stardust Haiku, January 2018:

first snow
the many colours
of white

Scryptic 1.3, December 2017:

autumn mist
for a fleeting moment
I become a ghost

hedgerow 122:

the last berries
hanging from a thorn tree
Advent Sunday

The British Haiku Society, Members’ Anthology 2017 ‘Ekphrasis’:

frost fair
her heart
melts the river

(inspired by Orlando by Virginia Woolf)

Blithe Spirit 27 (4):

mountain stream
the hillside tumbles
with gorse blossom

The Heron’s Nest, December 2017:

afternoon rain
my body curls around
your absence

Stardust Haiku, November 2017:

beach stone
my hands fill
with seawater

hedgerow #121:

silent prayer
from my folded hands
a paper crane

Under the Basho, 8 November 2017:

childhood village
I run through fields
no longer there

Asahi Haikuist Network, 3 November 2017:

autumn birch
in the rugged bark
my father’s face

brass bell, November 2017:

a kiss from my daughter the taste of raspberries

Otata, November 2017

autumn sky
once more I long
to speak crow

Stardust Haiku, October 2017:

apple blossom
the first kiss
of summer

Chrysanthemum #22:

deep in the forest                       tief im Wald
where we kissed                        wo wir uns küßten
wild strawberries                      wilde Erdbeeren

cattails October 2017:

on the radio
summer afternoon

hedgerow #120:

flower seller
she turns to face
the sun

brass bell, October 2017:

morning snow
she places her footprints
in mine

Failed Haiku 2, 22:

photo album
all of the people
I used to be

balloon animal
I seek out the shape
of your voice

Stardust September 2017:

I pick the red
out of the sunset

Blithe Spirit September 27(3):

halfway to the sea
a seagull’s shadow
follows its cry

brass bell, September 2017:

riverside walk
my thoughts struggle
to break the surface

Stardust July 2017:

with my inner child
ring-tailed lemur

hedgerow #118:

all the things
I should have said
summer rain

Daily Haiga 22 June 2017:

cherry blossom
the distant sound
of shakuhachi

Blithe Spirit 27(2):

just out of reach
the silence
of church bells

Stardust May 2017:

between the rain
tree branches drip
with birdsong

hedgerow #110 (Spring print edition):

my own legs
suddenly unsteady
lambing season

Asahi Hakuist Network May 5:

cherry blossom —
my daughter unties
her hair ribbon

Stardust Haiku April 2017:

circling buzzard
nothing remains
to speak of

cattails April 2017:

laying her head
on the fresh snow
January moon

Asahi Hakuist Network 17 February 2017:

snow melt through the rushing traffic a woodpigeon