Published Work

Autumn Moon Haiku, Autumn/Winter 2017:

temple roof
I watch the rain fall
into another day

fallen oak
I call my ancestors
by name

The British Haiku Society, Members’ Anthology 2017 ‘Ekphrasis’:

frost fair
her heart
melts the river

(inspired by Orlando by Virginia Woolf)

Blithe Spirit 27 (4):

nuclear test
the old gods
begin to wake

sky burial
the wind picks apart
an old sofa

fallen branch
I stumble
into autumn

mountain stream
the hillside tumbles
with gorse blossom

The Heron’s Nest, December 2017:

afternoon rain
my body curls around
your absence

brass bell, December 2017:

minted tea
my neighbour describes
his trip to Morocco

Stardust Haiku, November 2017:

beach stone
my hands fill
with seawater

hedgerow #121:

silent prayer
from my folded hands
a paper crane

Under the Basho, 8 November 2017:

childhood village
I run through fields
no longer there

coming to terms
with my own uncertainty
autumn moon

watching my thoughts
the soft footsteps
of a cat

Asahi Haikuist Network, 3 November 2017:

autumn birch
in the rugged bark
my father’s face

brass bell, November 2017:

a kiss from my daughter the taste of raspberries

Otata, November 2017

autumn sky
once more I long
to speak crow

Stardust Haiku, October 2017:

apple blossom
the first kiss
of summer

Chrysanthemum #22:

deep in the forest                       tief im Wald
where we kissed                        wo wir uns küßten
wild strawberries                      wilde Erdbeeren

unfamiliar flower                     unbekannte Blume
my Bulgarian neighbour         mein bulgarischer Nachbar
sings in English                         singt auf Englisch

wolf enclosure                          Wolfsgehege
yearning for a wildness          Sehnsucht nach Wildnis
I never had                                die ich nie kannte

The Mamba Issue 4:

weathered rock
feeling every line
of my age

cattails October 2017:

on the radio
summer afternoon

hedgerow #120:

flower seller
she turns to face
the sun

brass bell, October 2017:

morning snow
she places her footprints
in mine

shelter from the storm
my hands make
shadow puppets

Failed Haiku 2, 22:

photo album
all of the people
I used to be

brushing kanji
my pen fills
with spiders

balloon animal
I seek out the shape
of your voice

my internet inbox
reaches capacity

Stardust September 2017:

I pick the red
out of the sunset

Asahi Hakuist Network 15 September 2017:

desert moon
the nape of her neck
shines with gold

Blithe Spirit September 27(3):

halfway to the sea
a seagull’s shadow
follows its cry

cable tv
the distant hum
of starlight

secret garden
I eavesdrop
on a birch tree

brass bell, September 2017:

riverside walk
my thoughts struggle
to break the surface

Daily Haiga 10 August 2017:

left behind
by the night sky
a thousand daisies

Stardust July 2017:

with my inner child
ring-tailed lemur

hedgerow #119:

first harvest
my inner hare

hedgerow #118:

all the things
I should have said
summer rain

Daily Haiga 22 June 2017:

cherry blossom
the distant sound
of shakuhachi

In Haikuniverse 10 June 2017:

gunpowder tea
she holds me hostage
with her smile

Blithe Spirit 27(2):

just out of reach
the silence
of church bells

Stardust May 2017:

between the rain
tree branches drip
with birdsong

hedgerow #111:

spreading among
the green green green green
……. y e l l o w   c r o c u s e s

hedgerow #110 (Spring print edition):

my own legs
suddenly unsteady
lambing season

Asahi Hakuist Network May 5:

cherry blossom —
my daughter unties
her hair ribbon

Stardust Haiku April 2017:

circling buzzard
nothing remains
to speak of

cattails April 2017:

laying her head
on the fresh snow
January moon

Stardust Haiku March 2017:

plum blossom
she ties her shoelace
for the first time

Asahi Hakuist Network 3 March 2017:

catching raindrops
with my tongue
pink gerbera

Asahi Hakuist Network 17 February 2017:

snow melt through the rushing traffic a woodpigeon