Published Work

Daily Haiga 10 August 2017:

left behind
by the night sky
a thousand daisies

Stardust July 2017:

with my inner child
ring-tailed lemur

hedgerow #119:

first harvest
my inner hare

hedgerow #118:

all the things
I should have said
summer rain

Daily Haiga 22 June 2017:

cherry blossom
the distant sound
of shakuhachi

In Haikuniverse 10 June 2017:

gunpowder tea
she holds me hostage
with her smile

Blithe Spirit 27(2):

just out of reach
the silence
of church bells

Stardust May 2017:

between the rain
tree branches drip
with birdsong

hedgerow #111:

spreading among
the green green green green
……. y e l l o w   c r o c u s e s

hedgerow #110 (Spring print edition):

my own legs
suddenly unsteady
lambing season

Asahi Hakuist Network May 5:

cherry blossom —
my daughter unties
her hair ribbon

Stardust Haiku April 2017:

circling buzzard
nothing remains
to speak of

cattails April 2017:

laying her head
on the fresh snow
January moon

Stardust Haiku March 2017:

plum blossom
she ties her shoelace
for the first time

Asahi Hakuist Network 3 March 2017:

catching raindrops
with my tongue
pink gerbera

Asahi Hakuist Network 17 February 2017:

snow melt through the rushing traffic a woodpigeon