7 thoughts on “first news

  1. Thank you, Alan. I greatly appreciate your comment.

    He had ME and was not expected to die so was a bit of a shock for everyone.


    • Our lovely Kate lost her son to MS at 53. He wasn’t expected to live beyond childhood or teens, but you can image it still rocked her world. I can only pray that the NHS isn’t given over to pharma sharks charging $3000 for something you can get in other countries for a quid or less.

      It’s lovely you created a haiku in his honor. I made a lot of haiku and haibun in my mom’s memory, even though she lived to 93.

      my warmest regards,

      • I remember your beautiful haiku for your mother that won the Touchstone award.

        It is lovely that we are able to at least commemorate people who are important to us in words.

        I am sorry that Kate lost her son. It is never easy regardless of age or exceeding expected outcomes.


      • Yes, that haiku was one of very many. The main haibun was Batwoman. I didn’t know she was one during WWII until after the funeral, being told by her surviving sisters.

        It was one of the highlights, just having breakfast with Kate before anyone else joined our table. Hopefully we’ll catch up again as Bad Betty are publishing her again and she come over to the South West again.


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