5 November 2016

Hallowe’en —
even the trees
become skeletons.

Hallowe’en is mostly an occasion for children and this year, as every year, the village became populated with costumed youngsters seeking the reward of sweets and enjoying the fun of dressing up and running around with lanterns in the darkness.  There were witches and cats but mostly skeletons.  Skeletons are big.

It is no coincidence that Hallowe’en occurs at the time of year when nature is winding down and becoming barer and unadorned.  A number of the trees are looking particularly skeletal and seemed to want to join in the fun!  Lit up with streetlamps in the darkness, this effect was even more noticeable.

This work was written for an online haiku course with Alan Summers at Area17.  This is greatly recommended for anyone wishing to improve their haiku work.


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