19 January 2014

After the rainstorm
dark skies break into a smile
a giant rainbow.


One thought on “19 January 2014

  1. The following yielded a response to my query for pathetic fallacy;

    The ancient Chinese believed that the five natural elements govern personality and much of a person’s life and health. Although the personality contains parts of all five elements, one or two usually predominate. Chinese medicine uses personality types and tendencies to diagnose disease and to create treatment plans to restore balance to the body, according to the Chinese Medicine Advisor.

    Read more: http://www.ehow.com/list_7645138_human-associated-five-elements-nature.html#ixzz2r4Hu2PJ5

    But I like this one particularly for its allusions to the subtle qualities of what we call compassion and humour. And what I think defines us as human beings.

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