July 13

Tiny acorns bud
each one with such potential
as I once possessed.


4 thoughts on “July 13

  1. Isn’t it a wonder to see them tiny little acorns and to know that just from that comne a magnificent tree. Nature is truly amazing and, powerful.
    I have Lupus (S.L.E) It give me all kinds of troubles, aches and pain in bines and mucles. Massive heachaces, and absolute exhaustion. I have to pace myself. Also badly broke my ankle 3 years ago on ice, broke both tib and fib and have a metal plate and screws holding it all together. That gives me intense pain too. Hot or cold weather, it hurts. LOL I’m just a wreck really. LOL
    What is the cause of yours. I’ll try to remember to come back and read.
    I was from Brighton before I moved to Canada.

  2. Ugh. I know about SLE. It sounds horrible. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it’s pretty bad just now. My other (illness-related) blog is here: http://permanentwellness.wordpress.com/. It is wonderful you are still able to bring up your partner’s child with Lupus but it must be hard at times.
    I lived in Brighton for two years. Lovely place. Do you miss it?

  3. Hi Andy, sorry that you have CFS, anything like that is debilitating. yes, she wears me out because she’s always been hyperactive (in the extreme) She is 15 now but still get those hyper modes at least once a day. When she was between 5 and 10, she was so hyper she would race from A to B and literally run into walls. she ran everywhere in the house and I’d have to stand in front of her, grab her wrists and physically stop her and as I held her she would be literally vibrating with all of that energy.! So yes, at times, she exhausts me…LOL I have to pace my days,
    Yes, I miss Brighton sometimes, I have a very big family there but, fate does what it will and we do what we do because of it. Take care of you.

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