June 18

As the sun rises
puddles grow ever smaller
then become nothing.

I gratefully accept the Perfect Poet Award for week 46 and nominate daydreamertoo for the next award.


5 thoughts on “June 18

  1. I am deeply touched by your nominating me for this award.
    I taught my late partner to write Haiku, she told me her head was always thinking at full speed ahead and she could never slow it down. Once she learned how to focus on Haiku, she really did slow her thoughts right down and, she beagn to write beautiful Haiku too.
    I’ve always loved Haiku and have just read a few of yours. Beautiful!
    I’ll be back to read some more, and, thank you once again for the nomination 🙂

  2. superb acceptance.
    the perfect poet for a perfect nomination, wow,

    keep it up.

    join poets rally week 46 if you did not do it yet,
    bless your talent,

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