March 16

Clinging around me
the mist feels strangely calming
like a cool blanket.

From the morning mist
a magpie comes into view
just one for sorrow.

Despite the damp cold
children keep playing outside
brand new roller blades.


2 thoughts on “March 16

  1. Andy, I just discovered your site and will be checking in frequently from now on. I love your “magpie” ku; I have a special bond with the bird that is my namesake ever since traveling in Australia a number of years ago. I find it interesting that you’re adhering to the 5/7/5 form; not many ELH poets do . . . An interesting journey. Best, Margaret

  2. Thanks, Margaret. I am enjoying nosing around your site too!

    I have been considering shifting from 5/7/5 for a while now. I originally found it helpful to have the structure but now that is less true.

    Good luck with your kukai submissions.

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