March 3

A bit of a cleaning theme (my mother is coming to stay!).  I hope two poems isn’t against the rules.  They are only wee 😉

Cleaning my bathroom
I leave two harvest spiders
sharing the same sun.

Scrubbing kitchen tiles
the light reflects back at me
showing my true face.

For the Thursday Poet’s Rally


21 thoughts on “March 3

  1. 2 great haiku’s 🙂
    I hate spiders that are big enough for them to be heard when they run; the little ones are okay as long as they are not in my face. Good luck with the cleaning!

  2. Lol! These were both delightful, Andy! As an aside, I hope the visit goes well and did you leave those spiders just for your mother-in-law to…’enjoy’? 😉

  3. Ack! Just realized you said ‘mother’ not mother in law. My bad. Either way, I live and let live (i.e. don’t ever kill spiders unless they are poisonous) and I am glad you do, too. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Dragon! Living in the UK is a good thing if only that we have no poisonous spiders. Is probably too cold for them 😉 Fortunately, my mother is understanding of my live and let live policy and has been told firmly on many occasions that she has to learn to share 🙂 My kids are less good with this! Btw I love your site. The TS Eliot ‘tribute’ especially. The Hollow Men has always been a favourite of mine and I very much like your spin on it. All too true…

  5. interesting haiku
    enjoyed both —

    smashed an orb spider once
    out of anger
    regretted it instantly

    bugged the shit
    out of me
    has to do with intent
    i suppose

    peace & love brother


  6. Great haiku and thanks for reminding me I have to clean as well… D’oh! Hope everything goes well with the visit and thanks for sharing with us!

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